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Calendar Categories

By default, the calendar shows all events in the following categories:

The above are confined to the NYC area, which for present purposes covers the five boroughs, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark. (That is: everywhere within range of the subway and PATH.) There's also one more:

You can choose to show or hide any of these categories. (In Agenda view, click the little triangle in the upper-right-hand corner.)


If you know of an event that ought to be listed, please drop me a line at Please include the name of the event, its time and frequency, its location, a description, the price, and a URL people can go to for further information. (Please don't wait for the last minute! I'm only one person.)

There is no fee for having events listed here. On the other hand, descriptions are likely to be edited, and events are listed here at my sole discretion.

Credits and Acknowledgements

The New Uke City calendar is a production of Stevonnie Ross (they/them), who wears too many hats. But somebody had to make a resource like this, and it didn't look like anybody else was doing it...

Switching back to the first person, I'm a geeky folk/pop singer/songwriter, performing as Sunday Comes Afterwards. I also run the Jersey City Ukulele Meetup, which probaby explains why "the NYC area" is defined the way it is.

This website was inspired by—one might even say "blatantly ripped off from"—Nerd York City, a brilliant calendar covering geeky events. Please check them out. There are so many cool things happening in this city every day.

The Lady Liberty logo was commissioned on Fiverr from wigo_wiggles, who is not to blame for the somewhat rudimentary face; I scribbled that on myself.

The spinning-ukulele loading graphic is a stock illustration from DepositPhotos, animated using Animizer.

This calendar is built using multiple Google Calendars. The non-calendar coding has been done by hand, and probably not very well. (I learned HTML in the late '90s, and it shows.) It's hosted by Verve Hosting, which has been home to my online projects for almost two decades now.

I registered in a fit of enthusiasm before it occurred to me to check whether anybody else had used the name first. This is how I belatedly discovered the New Uke City Strumming Circle at the NY Buddhist Church. They graciously gave me the go-ahead to use the name as well, for which I am grateful.

(Other people who got there before me: Jessica Delfino briefly had a blog with that name. There's also a 2008 documentary short about the Ukulele Cabaret with that title.)